BTK Serial Killer’s Photography Hobby

by howisthisathing

The BTK (bound, tortured, killed) serial killer is the creepiest of all serial killers.  His name is Dennis Rader, and his modus operandi is pretty much covered in his nickname.  He is pretty much the worst, not in terms of numbers, but in terms of attitude. You can read all about him on Wikipedia if you really just hate how well your day is going. But maybe, you already know the basics of the BTK case and you instead want some little extra detail to freshly horrify you. You already know that he was president of his church’s congregation council and a leader of the Boy Scouts. You already know that he resumed his killing mainly because his children were grown and he had more time on his hands. You know about his taunting missives to the police, including self-mythologizing stories about the victims he had murdered. Old news. Still horrifying, but old news. So how about something just a little bit weird?

Dennis Rader really liked to take pictures with his Polaroid camera. Specifically, he liked to take pictures of himself, tied up, wearing the clothes of his victims so that he would have something to masturbate to later.

Here he is tied up in a shallow grave. Presumably, this is ultimately for one of his victims. Lovely. There are more pictures here and I have no more words.