Republicans Eating Corndogs

by howisthisathing

I’m not outraged about it, I just don’t understand why any of them do it. A couple weeks ago, Michele Bachmann and her totally-not-gay husband had pictures of them taken eating corndogs at a state fair. It went really well for fans of comedy and not so well for those who want their political leaders to have an ounce of dignity.  Here are photos of Representative and Mr. Bachmann eating corndogs.


Okay so that didn’t turn out well for either of them. Surely all of the other Republican nominees say these pictures and had a little laugh. Maybe they made a joke about how they would make sure they never ate a corndog in public, which would force  those who saw them to imagine that particular candidate putting a penis in their mouth.

Or maybe, just maybe you flip it, just go with it. Maybe you up the ante. Crazy you say? No, that’s just what those without vision say. Here’s how a visionary eats a corndog:

Ladies and gentleman, the Republican frontrunner. The potential heir of Lincoln. There he is.

How did it come to this?